Saturday, February 2, 2013

What constitutes greatness?

Due to different events, I have spent the majority of my life feeling inadequate.  I have spent many an hour contemplating what it is I seem to lack when viewed by those around me, yet I never seem to make any progress.  While this may seem like a trip to self-pity land, it does raise a very important philosophical question, what constitutes greatness?

My mentor, Alexander, was deemed great after conquering most of the known universe.  While he did have flaws, he achieved things which have made his name ring throughout the ages.  While I am not looking for immortality of such a degree, I would like to one day reach adequacy.

I have gifts and abilities that I struggle to find a proper use for in my daily life.  The question I find myself asking is at what point to you cease to have goals and, in fact, become a fraud?  What makes greatness as opposed to just mediocrity?

I can't help but feel that the answer lies in a close study of the career of Alexander and Hephaisteon.  Hence, my study continues.........................