Monday, July 22, 2013

So with the encouragement of a few people, who both know their role and don't, I am embarking on a project that I have actually had in mind for some time--a scholarly examination of Hephaestion.  While I have actually been working on this project for some time already in my head, it is thanks to Jared Leto, Richard Beck, Kelly Palik, Terri Oak, Alexander the Great, and Hephaestion, himself, that it will see the light of day. May I not embarrass any of them!

The basic premise I am exploring is that Hephaestion is by far the most under-rated man in history.  I have always felt that, (no offense to or belitting of his own epic talents and drive) Alexander the Great owes his success in at least some part to Hephaestion.  I hope to show that having a man of unimpeachable support who fulfilled whatever role or duty Alexander most needed done regardless of the supposed "glory, honor, or political weight" of that role was an invaluable part of Alexander's ultimate success. Likewise, having Hephaestion, who as a true friend, would sit with Alexander and discuss and think through his thoughts, decisions, and plans provided Alexander with a moral compass that often saved Alexander from his own temper and made him a better king.  That is not to say in any way that Alexander could not count on Hephaestion to support him in all things, whether he agreed with the King or not.  I also hope to show that the lamentable dearth of surviving information on Hephaestion and his career is in some part due to the jealousy and misunderstanding of his rivals and contemporaries.  I believe Hephaestion operated from a mindset that would have been rather incomprehensible to the rank and file Macedonian.

So that's the plan, anyway.  Hopefully, these are ideas and assertions that I can effectively prove.  I will admit that I go into this project as a great fan of Hephaestion, but I believe that I can produce a scholarly work that is not led by this love to the exclusion of all that does not agree it.

Wish me luck. And I dearly hope at least one person will actually want to read it!

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